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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

That's a good point! Sadly true of today's average department store bikes from places like Wallmart, Kmart, or Target for $150. You get what you pay for! Folks first getting into this hobbie should learn their limitations ''inferior parts etc'' and know maintenance. Fo sho! These type bikes and cheap motors are a great place to start tho! Then a fella can take the learning curb in stages.

Still a fair many report good results. It is touchy subject. In this hobby sky is the limit!

There are ton of great heavy duty upgraded parts available now days that are proven very bullet proof! Good frames, wheels, Brakes list goes on..I will not use a typical department store bike for any of my motoreds or peddled if I can help it, but have in my early peddling days big time, and on my first motored. It has been reported older commercial bikes tend to have better steel frames. All of these parts are affordable. Just have to dig into the forum a little to see what folks are using is all.

Did you know about the races that are going on in SoCal right now! his is a great read!! and this one already past there will be more!

Great place to see what folks are doing! The H.T.'s are already racing separately from the likes of thumpers, Briggs , and Morinis for the most part they are rated by their power and performance.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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