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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
(just smiles) ;-}

Throw on a 3-speed tranny with those 3 things and you can ride with the big dogs over 40MPH like me for a fraction of the cost of those ultra high dollar motors and their mods, and hey, 40MPH on even a great bicycle frame is pushing it ;-}
After numerous lemon H.T. motors granading . Then flat out blue printing a H.T. motor for the most part I have to admit one can be quite taken with them. I was. I did like my 49cc the most. It had a brass bushing. The other motors had a roller cage piston bearing that failed like clock work. Till I found a after market bearing. All of my china's did 40 mph with out gears. They are nothing like the beastly uber kewl potential panic of a rocket launching Morini IMO.

You should take that out to one of the sanctioned races! K.C.! The famous Death Race is right where you are at?

My Morinis even on the said unwanted sea level tuning smoked anything I ever saw from a H.T. My J shafts rob power in my experience my 5.8 H.P. S6T still out ran a H.T. J shafted! Keeping up with stretching J shaft chains something else to consider watching out for when ya start putting more power through them. I run the 10/11 horse power type Morini now. Never a J Shaft again. H.T. motors no way are they 11 horse power! China is mebbe 3 horse's on a good day!

Gears will never multiply to 11 horse's. Just don't see how that happens there. H.T.'s just cannot out launch one with potential power robbing gearing and less horse power off the line.. I get to 40 miles per hour instantly like a switch lol seriously . Or of course can simply cruise it slowly but launching it is very addictive.

I do agree that a cleaned up H.T. can be a great motor! 40 mph is totally achievable. For Me personally after three H.T.'s and acquaintances ''motors'' dead now. I am not ever nice to them or my Morini Motors ever. My M's have all ready out performed and out lasted all of them well beyond expectation for hella rough service to date and run like day one. . No mods. Best money I spent for rough service. These pigs just love me for it! I just wish for rough service I had spent my money more wisely in the beginning.. For what I am doing anyway.

Or had gotten a thumper motor! All the 4 strokes have been very dependable from what I have heard.

You got to try one of these motors K.C.!!

There is only two of us that I know of at 7000 foot above sea level. No body else seams to be having any temperamental problems Morini wise in respect to your mention of it. .
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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