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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Really proud of you guys. 3 pages of discussion about 'speed' and not one argument or poo-pooing on anyone. I knew you could do it. Tom
(just smiles) ;-}
I won't make a poo-poo post in this good long 'how fast' topic either, I like it a lot.
BUT.. hehehe, you knew there would be a but ;-}

The high end Morini motors and expensive carb builders aside, for the majority of you builders looking to gain a little performance from low dollar items but willing to spend a lot of frustrating time in my opinion is those are for after you do the huge performance enhancers first.

1. Of course the standard reaming out the weld slag crap and misalignment in the kit in/out pipes at the flanges which is UN-technically called on web sites as Porting, or worse, Port and Polishing for a stock pipe build.
2. Iridium plug and other ignition improved wiring if possible.
3. Tuned expansion chamber, or at least close to tuned, and dump the stock pipe.

28-32MPH for a stock Skyhawk is pretty average for all my 26" wheel builds.
66's get there faster, and can push you a little faster once you get rocking, but just the above 3 things I mentioned will let a 48 leave the stock 66 in it's dust off the line and top speed.

Throw on a 3-speed tranny with those 3 things and you can ride with the big dogs over 40MPH like me for a fraction of the cost of those ultra high dollar motors and their mods, and hey, 40MPH on even a great bicycle frame is pushing it ;-}
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