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Default Re: How do you protect your bike?

Originally Posted by professor View Post
One very simple method I use (beside a lock) is my bike looks ratty and weird enough that thieves would not want it.
An 'ugly bike' is a double sided sword professor depending on where you live, who would be most likely to steal it, and why...

Here in Phoenix it is the illegals from south of the border looking to just take what they need for it's use, for example to maybe get to and from a job, but savvy enough to know that the person that owns the 'shabby bike' may be far less likely to call in the law, besides, it blends in well.

On the other hand a thief that is just trying to steel a 'better than walking' ride won't even get close to a kick ass high end bike any more than they would try to steal a $100,000 car over an old beat up Ford or Chevy to blend in and get around with less chance of the law looking for them.

Just my personal observations guys, not a slam at anybody's builds or the probable criminal population demographic where they live because none of us want to go there.


I have thought about this one a few times over the years, but only used the technique once years ago as a prank, I just never forgot how neat it was ;-}

I think Shock Therapy might be a good name for it.
In short, just like the CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition) systems our bikes use, this uses the same principle, but with a much larger capacitor that delivers a much bigger wallop without a coil, but only once without a recharge.

With a pair of parallel metal wires or the like (like the window alarm tape) on each grip and a little riding to charge up the soda can size cap, you can set it to discharge to send one **** of a jolt to any bare hand that even touches a handlebar grip ;-}

I won't go in to what I did other than to say you need a big cap, 2200 mF electrolytic minimum (soda can size) if you want a really good deterrent ;-}
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