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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Still on my first tank of gas on my Cranbrick with a BGF RB80 and 36 tooth sprocket, I figured I would get a quick speed run even though I have been trying to stay away from too much WOT during break-in.

BGF RB80 with NT carb, needle at the uppermost setting, NGK B6HS plug, SBP HD air filter, lapped head (slightly, to remove a gouge), opened the exhaust gasket and pipe a little, on Briggs 2 stroke oil at 24:1: 32 MPH on level ground (according to my phone's GPS).

According to the bathroom scale, I am 196 lbs... I fell off the Atkins wagon about a month ago, time to go catch up to it again!

Going from 32 - 0 on a coaster brake, about 1/4 mile... lol.

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