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Default Re: How did you get introduced to motor-assisted bicycling?

Raced for years- 14 in fact- and loved the feeling when I was young of not being tied to the car- at least in the summer- or, if the bike was in the back of the car, no breakdown could much leave me stranded-

I lived in L.A. for a number of years, and when the Northridge quake hit in the '90's, the bike was the best way to get around for the day or two after.

Theen I went back to live in Indiana in 05. I wanted to get my Indiana licence renewed (I'd had one in 2000 there), before my current Califoirnia license expired. And despite the fact that I had an active CA license, and EVEN my Indiana license had technically not even expired by then- they took it in California-

they had begun to implement the Unreal ID nonsense as some sort of terrorist nonsense- and could then conveniently use it as an excuse for The Gang to make war on your neighborhood tranny godess. So even though I'd grown up in the area, graduated from college there, substiutute taught for a year there in 2000, and had the same social security number since I was 16- They all knew me.

I'd CHANGED my name when one could years and years and years ago without hassle and even in court at one point- Had two still valid licences according to the computers at least.

So it was the HASSLIN HOOSIERS at their Mean Red Meanest.

Enter seven feet of water, literally, into the house I had been renovating for the three years I had been there, (Not Global Warming flooding! NOT! NOT! NOT!) and I ended up in Florida with a drivers license ready to expire and another legal name change in court required and pending. I realized I could be cycling a lot more to get where I wanted, but in my mid-50's and having some health problems, knew I'd have to pace myself a bit. I still try to peddle as much as I can without getting too stiff or tense- I'm suffering froim hypertension already.

At one point I saw something about a bicycle motor on the net, and did some searching and ended up at Spooky Tooth and ordering a kit from Bike Berry. It's been perfect here- I can ride the motor bike about 90 percent of the time if I choose, or unless I want to haul bigger stuff. I've saved all kinds of gas at a time when my funds were very tight, and had fun doing it.

Me and the '67 Peugeot next to the St. John's river in Jacksonville last month.
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