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Default Noob Needs Help with Replacement 2 Stroke

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your responses=)

My question is more situational, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I purchased a 2 stroke 49cc kit off ebay from boygofast (or one of his other alias'). Everything with the kit seemed fine, didnt have too much trouble setting it up and getting it running. It ran for about a day before something catastrophic happened in the bottom end. We believe the main bairing someone fractured and little metal balls escaped into the bottom end doing extensive damage. So much so that there is actually a deep scratch in the side of the piston and cylinder. The engine is basically toast and i guess i got what i paid for because the kit was only about $150. My delima is this: I want to purchase a replacement motor, NOT a whole new kit. I have all the parts and they are fine, i just need a new engine. I dont really want to get another crappy china girl, but if theres a reputable place where they take em apart and check em out, id go there. Ive also been reading about the Huasheng 142F. Im really interested in it because its a honda clone, but i cant seem to find a vendor who sells ONLY the engine. Im wondering, can i just drop in a 4 stroke engine with the 2 stroke kit parts? I really have soooo many different options i dont know where to go from here. Ive also been playing with the idea of a pocket bike motor back rack mounted, or something similar.

Basically im a mess I need help choosing a direction to go! I have all the parts from a 2 stroke center mount kit less the engine. Should i buy a replacement engine? If so which one? 2 stroke versus 4 stroke? and if so from where?

Sorry for the length, again i really appreciate all the help!

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