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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by DFlanagan View Post
I just got my Morini broken in along with the clutch (5 tanks of petro later). I only get a hour of ride time per tank 2.4 liter (@ WOT!) I have 26" wheels on mine with a 52 tooth rear sprocket and my motor raps out going up hill! (approximately 50mph) It acts like there still some hp's left in the Morini @ max rpm. If you no any "tricks" to setting these motors up let me know. I ordered a 21mm Dellorto carb with piss poor results. At this elevation (7500 ft) there's not enough oxygen in the air to benefit from a larger carb. Even if you go with a smaller jet. My 19mm Dellorto carb is dialed right into the sweet spot. NO throttle hesitation at all. Just rocket like results! LMAO
Simply putting a smaller jet won't do. There is atomizers,, sizes rated for different altitudes as well. I run a W7 needle here my self. It ran crappy with the stock W9 needle. With that bored out bigger bore motor it has plenty of breath enough to snort from a 21mm IMHO. My bone stock S6S save a 21mm carby is working nicely at 6000 ft here more or less.

Mebbe an extra 1000 foot or so makes that much difference? My travel is many times near the foot hills so I am sure it's at near 7000? A 258 AU Atomizer is the leanest they make. Thats what I used on the 19 and the 21mm. Until I gave atomizers etc a go it was futile.

In the beginning days about 47 mph on a china H.T.. Of course it is a matter of time till those quite running when asking a lot from them.

My first Morini s6t got it to 55mph on a straight away and ran out of road. I never tested for higher speeds after that. Because I had built that entire bike from scratch it was mandatory to properly scare myself and test it lol.

Now I just gear out to be very playful now days and top out around 40mph.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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