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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Another Schwinn Jaguar. They make a great platform for a motorized bicycle. I've had three and they're all still on the road and performing great. They are a step above the usual department store bike. Strong frames that will give you no problems. If there's anything that will improve the ride it's a lay-back seat post that will move your saddle back 6 or 7 inches. The Jag is notorious for being a little short in the crotch. The rearward mounted seat will make it a more comfy ride.

Yours looks good and I'm sure will give you many miles of pleasurable riding. Thanks for sharing with us.
Thought about doing the laid back seat post...but my build wouldn't work unless I move the tank above the engine. Was going to go with a traditional tank mount...until the fuel outlet wouldn't clear the bottom bar. Even on the rear rack...had to move the tank around until I could reach the cutoff. (There's a piece of 1/4" PVC plumbing pipe the clamps wrap around under the rack to hold the tank on.) Nice idea about the seat post though.

As soon as I get the bucks (on layoff right now and will be mowing yards until works picks up in a month or so)...will be getting a piece of stainless water heater pipe and building a custom exhaust. Buddy's got a welder at his dad's we're going to put it together and paint it flat black.

Am hoping my the carb cleaner does the job with the build up inside that carb. Want to get out and ride...especially since the weather around here is getting nice enough to do so. Having spent a small fortune this hoping I don't have to spend the same amount next year or in the future...unless I want to build a 2 stroke on a Cranbrook I was using last year.
Hope to tooling all over Colorado Springs & the Front Range
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