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Default Re: Found another engine...DIESEL!

Hahha. There really are "spandex warriors". 2 of them have been harassing me on Amazon even. haha. They really hate "bastardized bicycle monstrosities" and feel threatened by "grease monkeys who are afraid of athletic men in tight fitting clothing." ROTFL I like wearing spandex bike shorts and jerseys, and like road cycling. But the stupid posers don't get it that a bike that gets 80-100mpg and burns 2% synthetic oil, is a whole lot better for the road and the earth than their 3 ton SUV (Selfish Urban Vanity aka 4x4 coffee cupholder). It's just not practical for most people to pedal a bike everywhere, carrying all their stuff, but a motor bicycle can work for a lot of people, even novice riders, to save gas and enjoy a bike ride every day.
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