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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Next up was to place bends toward each end of both side pieces so that they will taper in, giving roughly a coffin shape when viewed from above. Dan chose to use fairly heavy steel for the side pieces, feeling that I would be less likely to burn through welding with heavier steel. The sides are 12 gauge, roughly 1/8th inch thick. The top and bottom pieces will be somewhat lighter.

The sheet metal brake in Dan's home shop was not up to the task of bending such thick steel, so he utilized one at the machine shop, making the bends by eye, but modeled after similar dimensions used in the prototype tin gas tank we used in making a copper gas tank for a Worksman frame earlier this winter. The Indian Hiawatha thread details that tank.

So now we have the foundation of the Panther tank made; the two side pieces which determine both the side profile and the shape viewed from above. See you next week in the Tinsmith's shop.
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