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Default Re: Potential (fast) Road Bike build

I noticed this is a year old thread. I am about to build a motorized road bike with an old Vista 27" road bike and a 66 cc Grubee motor.
I was also looking for some pics or advice on a road bike conversion.

In response to Professor, Dont hit potholes...haha. I hopped a 2x4 at 30mph last week on my road bike that was perpendicular to the shoulder and I had no way to go around it.

I take my road bike up to 40 mph on a regular basis with no problems down hills. I find it quite smooth. Just need good tires. (NOT WALMART!)

As far as cars pullin out in front of you. YES! that happens to me all the time. 2 times in 2 days this week where I had to slam the brakes on my roadie. Thats not cool on skinnies!

I was wondering more about the gearing being powerful enough for the larger wheels. Larger wheels=higher speed at lower rpm, but requires more power to get up to that higher speed.

Has anyone completed a motorized road bike yet?
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