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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Spaz_Static View Post
Today (well, yesterday) my bike wouldn't start. I think it might have to do with my adjustment I made to the float arms the other day, except that it was running fine two days prior to not starting(two days after I made the adjustment).
Really need to get this fixed as my shift kit and x chamber are due in the mail today... but alas, I have work the next few days and might not be able to really get any time with it til Tuesday, or maybe Monday evening.

I'm also looking into a rechargabe battery for getting a (proper) light system. Thinking some LED strips for tail lights or amber turn signals (whether they vary intensity or not) and maybe some ambient lights on the body, and a good head light that can throw light 100 feet down the road.
Got it fixed... sorta. I had also taken my white wire powered light off. For some reason, this was keeping the spark from firing. I "fixed it" by connecting the white wire to the black (ground) wire. It then ran... for a time. I then had to disconnect the white wire again as it wouldn't run with the wire shorted out like that, but runs now. ...although it feels like it's lost power and it won't idle unless I've got the throttle opened at least, oh, 1/8th or more. Adjusting the idle screw doesn't help at all.

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