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Default Re: silver solder?

It always concerns me when I hear people refer to "silver solder" because I've heard it called that when the material was in fact just lead based alloy meant for plumbing. Yes, I know soft solder is usually silver in color but that doesn't make it silver solder. I'm assuming the OP knows the difference between real 'silver solder' which is an allow that requires far more heat than the soft solder meant for copper pipe/fittings, is much stronger and needs a little skill to get a good joint made.

Silver solder will cost several times as much as soft solder. It requires its own special flux and needs much more heat.

I added this because there might be a member/reader who isn't aware of the difference.

Example: My neighbor brought me the tail light assemble from his truck and asked if I could "silver solder" a broken contact in it. It was all plastic except for the metal lamp contacts.

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