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Default Re: Nice custom build


U guys are OK !


I come from the construction trades...
anything you build is subject to criticism by others, and some of the fun part is picking apart the work of others. I woulda done this, or that... or How'd he do that???

Why spoil someone and let them off the hook with a 'Nice job, and you did it really quickly, too!" ???
lol THEN you'd have to hire THEM!

Yah, I really don't care for the use of pipe fitting for exhaust use.
I suppose maybe for temp use until something btr is fabbed.

Use of copper sweat fittings is even worse, though. It will quickly become work hardened, brittle, and break when you least expect it to.

Perhaps one day I'll try making up a throttle linkage with rods and ball joints to escape the use of cables. It would be far more difficult, but an interesting project !

I think I like this bike mostly because it is long and low. Over-all, it's great!

My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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