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Default Re: How do you protect your bike?

I used to have a cheap cable and padlock, but at those times my bicycle was garage kept. Since I moved to the city and no longer have a garage, I went to Lowes and got 3 feet of the hardest chain they had. cost me 12 or 13 bucks. it would definitely take some power equipment or a torch to get through it. I dont know that one lock is better than another, so I have a padlock I probably got at kmart or wallyworld. the lock could probably be picked, but no one has tried yet as far as I know. I have the advantage of motorized bikes not being common where I live, so even if someone could steal it, I doubt they would figure out how to operate it. Everyone I have ever shown the bike to always thinks the clutch lever is the front brake. I dont even have a front brake on my bike. when I pull up to a gas pump or the redbox, I let my clutch lever out. let someone try to steal the bike. by the time I get back, they will still be trying to figure out how to move the darn thing.

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