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Originally Posted by philmuck View Post
Ok got everything on good and tried to give it a go but no fire. do you
1.hold the clutch in 2. Peddle, 3. Let go and give it the throttle??? bc if the clutch isnt held in the tire wont turn.

1. Open the fuel valve. Small lever pointed down with fuel line is in the open position.

2. Depress the small round cap plunger, ( Tickle button ), to prime carburetor. Located on left side of the carburetor next to the idle adjustscrew.One or two times is enough.

3. Lift choke lever to the upward position. This is the small lever on the right side of the carburetor. All the way Up the choke is on. All the way Down the choke is off. Move progressively downward to off position during engine warm up period.

4. Pull the handlebar clutch lever inward, to disengage the engine from the rear wheel.

5. Pedal; 7-10mph

6. Let out the clutch lever all the way out and continuing to pedal. The result is a direct engine hook up with the rear wheel via chain and sprocket and the engine will now start spinning, Pedal until motor starts. Accelerate slowly at first..

7. Twist throttle to increase speed, reverse twist throttle to decrease speed. To stop, disengage clutch and apply brakes. To accelerate, pedal and release clutch while opening throttle.

8. Adjust choke to the smoothest engine running position.

9. After warm up push choke lever all the way down. If engine races too fast, or too slow, pull clutch lever and lock in the notched catch, stop and adjust engine rpm.

If the rpm needs adjusting, turn the idle adjust screw (left side of carburetor) in or out slowly to obtain the proper idle speed of about 1400 rpm

11. To stop the engine, push Kill switch and turn off gas valve at tank.

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