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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

made a bit of a discovery with the maxtorque clutch.

i had that issue of it shuddering like crazy when it would start engaging. so i pulled it apart, took three of the shoes and drilled a hole in them to lighten them up and put them back in.

clutch felt noticibly smoother when engaging, still shudders, but i was able to hit the gas a bit harder.

the theory was to lighten three out of the six, so that all six don't put the same pressure, i.e. 3 start to engage, followed by three more.

tomorrow i'm going to take the spring from the cvt which is a little shorter than the max torque spring, and put it in. hopefully it will be a little stronger than the maxtorque spring and allow a higher stall speed.
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