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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I continued on making the bracket for holding the pillow bearings on a double stacked jackshaft for my parade speed 47:1 ratio belt drive 6 pulley system with centrifugal clutch.

I wanted to use a new HF Die Grinder I just got using the small cut-off wheel. I bought the think it was $4 arbor for the 1/4 collet the thing has. When I turned it on and not yet using the nice $20 variable speed controller I got for it since it has only one speed, it wobbled bad. The speed controller starting the thing off slow can be a way to be a little safer and may alway use it in not anything else just for that.

I diagnosed it to the end pieces that the arbor has. The part that goes into the collet was OK, but the pieces that sandwich the cut-off wheel were not uniformly thick around the circumference.

This not only would make the wheel wobble, but put uneven pressure on the area around the hole of the cut-off wheel. The die grinder without anything but the arbor part that sticks into the collet on it went up to speed 25K rpm (no wobble with just that) and varied speed nice with the controller, but I had no load on it.

I bought some grinding wheels and wire brush wheels, but had no use for them yet, so I instead used my Dremel and with smaller wheel and used up the more expensive consumables.

I also used my angle grinder, but only for larger cuts as it is much larger wheel. The speed controller is up to 15 amps as touted for use with router, so I shall check amperage on angle grinder and maybe use it with it if I find the need to slow it down.

I will return that arbor and get my money back. See about another hardware store to get a 1/4 inch arbor for the cut-off wheels.


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