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Default Re: Is this still a Cranbrook?

Here she is again, after a winter of upgrades (short as this last winter was...)

She's got a Sturmy-Archer X-FDD on the front with new 12 Ga. spokes.
Also a 26" springer fork I found in the dumpster (DAMN! What a difference!!!)

She's completely "legal" now: In Minnesota, it's been re-classified as a MOPED, requiring Horn, Lights, and BRAKE LIGHTS & TURN SIGNALS! (fer cryin' out loud!)

I tried my best to get it registered & plated (as per MN rules) but the DMV told me they can't "register or plate a 'homemade' MOPED".

To quote Cheech & Chong: "I'm sick up & fed"

She's going on the road as-is!

Not that I'm going to do anything stupid or illeagal, but I'm DARING the cops to give me a ticket - I need an excuse to go to traffic court to show them just how "fupped-duck" their bureacracy really is...

So, tyrade asside...

Is it still a Cranny,
or have I morphed it into "different territory"???

(inquiring minds want to know!)


That Dynamo is "problematic" as I've been reading...
Anybody have any pointers on the subject?

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