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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

What is it about the fitment that won't work???
Can it be resolved?

I dished a back wheel over today, cut a pedal chain down with intent to run it without a derailleur, mounted the coil up high on the seatpost, adjusted the inline rim brake on the rear, none on the front yet, but may install a cheapo suspension fork with a brake already on it...
Installed the seat, adjusted the bars and pedaled it a bit...
I don't like the bars, but my kid feels they are ok. Works for me if he likes 'em!
Cut a shim for the front motor mount and hung the stock muffler/pipe in place.
It is going to conflict with the mm Ubolt so I'm going to change it.
Will probably make the pipe longer and hope to tuck it more under the frame, down towards the BB and also at an angle parallel to the frame.

Could've had it running today, but got missing carb parts... bummer.
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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