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Default Re: what is the best motor available?

Originally Posted by robert cagle View Post
I just put a grubee on my beach cruzer 26 inch.

As I read the forum I began to prep the engine

as soon as it arrived. I removed the top head

and use indian head shallack on all the head gaskets

then reassembled with new bolts, not the acorn bolts

and I tourqerd em down.

my clutch was very very tight, so I had to adjust the
clutch spring. look for the instructions in the forum.

now Im fine tunning the carb.

This is all a hassle---- but you best be prepared if you
get a china grubee. they are poorly manufactured.
thats why there so chep. you can make em run but
you gott tune em up and in.

Frankly if I had to do it over I would have choosen the 99 cc from
harbor freight. 1 yr. guarantee, pull start, 4 stroke.

I'm using my ride to go to and from work, I want dependability

At this point I feel that I will be constantly messing with this
little engine, something I did not want to do.

In the weeks to come I'll probably get the 99 cc, and fabricate
motor mounts and have a weilding shop weild it on.
much more dependable, start and go.

hope this helped, ps. many riders have not had the same experience
I had with my grubee, and then many have. If you don't mind constant
tinkering with ur moto, the grubee is the way to go.
Hi, just came accross ur post n was wonderin how easy that would be to mount the 4 stroke 99cc on a bike? I looked at thw sit and saw the motor, one the side with the shaft looks like there is something missing. How would you hoow the sprocket up and would else might I need. Thx chris.
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