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Default Huntington Cross Bones build

I love it when a customer takes my advice and finds a good bike that suites his fancy, and then gives me the bike and $385 and I build him a great ride.

He paid ~$285 for the bike, and though pretty pricey for just a coaster brake 1-speed with no fenders, I really liked the upswing down tube sleek look, and it has one heck of a solid frame and wheels.

2011 GT5 66cc Skyhawk motor but a new style short intake and Speed carb.
I had the head and all side covers off anyway so they all got several coats of high temp black motor paint to give it a matching contrast.
Oh ya, that pesky metal manufacturer 66cc plate yelling it is illegal here must have fallen off during painting ;-}

I took a little more time with my pictures of this build and found another new free animated .gif program so I tried it out.

Too much? Or a really good example of what I did with real life comparison pics?

I don't what you would call it... an obsession or compulsion or whatever, I have one when it comes to making new builds 'look finished'.
That little nit picking stuff like painting all of the brackets, re-wiring the whole electrical system and matching up all the cables at the handlebars kind of stuff ;-}

Since I know I'll be asked...
The tank was mounted by bolting the bottom 2 kit gas tank brackets to the top of the top bar.

I don't have pictures but I used an H8 drill bit (ya, that is what it is called), and drilled a hole through both the 2 tank mounting brackets into the top of the frame where the tanks studs lined up.

Then I used a 1/4" tap to put threads in the top of the top tube.
I reamed out the holes in the brackets so the 3/4" lock-top bolts screwed in through their holes into the top of the frame and really secured tight.

I put some padding between the bolt tops and tank bottom, and once the 4 tank stud nuts were on and I had the tank angled for best flow and look and secure, I just cut the rest of the tank studs off so it appears to be floating on top of the top bar.

I really don't want to sound condescending to other builders or ramble on about the little things that to me make a difference, only that it doesn't really take much more time or money to improve it.

I hope those building tips will help inspire all of you builders to the extra step and time of building something you don't just need to ride, but would be proud of it pictured like this one ;-}
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