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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

KillerCanuck, what turned your gas black? Mold? Dirt? Paint? Bad gas? That's strange!

Gas Ridez, if you want to hack a Maglite, I tried it. The old ones have tabs you can bend and solder to or use slide-on connectors. The new ones don't, and you can't solder to the spring or the case. Maybe you could make a spacer to replace the batteries, from PVC, JB putty, and screws, then run the wire out through a grommet, and bond the flashlight to a bracket.

Sorry I wasn't so clear. The standard maglite with 4 D batteries runs literally for a day or more with the LED.

The LED bulb won't work in lantern flashlights unless you modify them. The polarity is wrong for the LED.
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