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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Had an interesting afternoon. While in the middle of a newport rebuild(basketcase off Kijijji), another bike I built came back running like crap and backfiring.

So while fighting that this aft, pulled the rotor first but the shear key was fine(first thing to think of when backfiring), or someone monkey'd with it and put on wrong... changed out the cdi(no go), changed mag(no go)... finally looked in the tank and the gas was black. Gah! It was like tar(almost)...

So yea, if someone else is having troubles, check what they put in the tank first and save three hours. I drained the tar out of the tank and bowl, put in my 32:1 and it fired right up.

Some people's kids.

Too windy to ride today anyways.

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