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Default Re: Had to join!

Welcome aboard TT!
Glad you decided to join up!!!

These are dandy little things because they are so handy.
Unlike performance car stuff that is bigger, heavier, and more expensive, and racy motorcycles that have exotic hi-priced parts and obscene speeds when they come together. lol

If you build to join the Fabulous 20mph Club :-) you will have a useful little critter that can be used nearly every day, with a grin!

Most of us LIKE the electric bikes... the motors and batteries are just SO expensive!
I can see you represent a mfg, which is all well and good, and certainly welcome!, but it's real difficult to beat the utility of an ICE at this point in time.

My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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