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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I checked what type of headset I had (never messed with the fork or handlebars before now), and upon reassembly the mount for my clutch lever broke.
Fortunately, I had the old brake levers laying around (have the dual pull now) and since my lock on my clutch lever broke months ago, it wasn't a significant change. I also took the return spring off of the cable. It's much easier to pull now.
I also cleaned my pedal chain. It was nasty, nasty to the point that I used a gunk blaster to completely remove everything. Re-oiled and it is so much smoother now! Anyone else have issues with keeping your bike clean, or have any tips on keeping it so without having to clean it frequently?

Edit: I also just realized that one of my reasons for opening my headset was to measure the tube diameter... which I completely forgot to do. crap.

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