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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Thanks for that clarification.

Today I made some progress on my stacked double jackshaft brackets and found I needed to cut some of the bracket away on one of the four to clear a carb and its manifold adapter part I made. I can cut some of the adapter and so with it trimmed down it should clear.

I when trying to make a curved cut I did not plan it out so well. I know with the smaller Dremel wheel cutter it would have gone well, but I know that I don't want to heat up the small Dremel power tool when I have an angle grinder; the bracket metal is quite thick. I got too close for the hole I will use to mount with bolt. I'll probably get another bracket and make a bunch of V slices with a cutter and then go at it with grinder to smooth all with the bigger powerful angle grinder.

I looked at the part and thought of it possibly put a bolt through it and also weld it both, but would be a bit crude. So if I can save this for practice and see about putting metal back on an edge where it got to close a shave. You know like the Wallace and Grommet Claymation Movie

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