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Default Greetings from Arkansas!

Hey, I was just browsing idly at work when I found this site. I had just bought a bike from Walmart ($70 deal, crappy bike... I had to fix the rear brakes and replace the hard plastic seat), and I have just received a 70cc motor engine kit I ordered online. Also coming in the mail is front and rear lights, and a speedometer.

I've done my research as far as the law is concerned. Here in Arkansas it's perfectly legal to drive one, but you still need to register it. Also because my bike is over 50cc I'm going to need a certificate, but that won't be too hard to get.

As far as I know, I will be the first or one of the first in my city to drive one around. I've never seen anyone else do it here in Little Rock, and I'm a bit worried for my safety. car vs bike = loose. I think I'll avoid the main streets.
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