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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Thanks HC and also BarelyAWAKE for this picture and where to get the clamps.

Ohhhhhh... you don't have to tell me about the clamp coming off and coaster brakes issue. I did it another way. Chain falls off while on coaster brake 24 inch wheel bike while on side walk of hill that goes down about 1/8 mile 7% grade. The service road you can check it out if you get Google Earth loaded on you PC and use street view. Long Island Expressway service road as it continues west past Cross Island Parkway is a hill formed I hear by Ice Age glacier that made a few small hills on Long Island New York. Its actually the border of New York and Long Island there.

When this happened long time ago I got down low over the top bar and lightly dragged my feet, I kept going faster.

Then I slowly made a large arc turn over the side walk onto a soft lawn after the fense stopped half way down the hill and I made a circle about 100 feet in diameter and came to a stop!

Not a @%# tool with me, but found a stick and forced the chain back on.

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