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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

As I do very badly in cold weather my bike has been on hold...sorta. Winter expences about kill me and the lack of funds slow things to a crawl. But all winter I've been getting small stuff, nuts, bolts, header wrap, and last month a SA X-FDD Dyno hub brake for the front. Here recently I've been making up a template for the steel I'll be using for a motor mount. I was going to use a kind of lattice girder looking arangement for the mount but decided that the 2 lower mounts on the S5 E Morini motor just needs the 2 plates welded to the lower frame and seat post. 2 smaller mounting points on the top bar for the head mounting lug and I don't think it will go anywhere ...except down the road.

I am going to have to rework the ItaliJet expansion chamber tubing where it twists around in front of the motor. No clearance for the pedals. Get that done and the rest should be fairly straight foreward.

Looks like I'm about to start back on my build thread
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