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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I did a couple things over the weekend. Saturday, I did some maintenance work. Took apart my rear hub so I could check my bearings, because for some reason I occasionally get a little bit of play in the axle. Been that way ever since I got this rim around Christmas of 09. Anyway, bearings were fine, repacked with red grease and reassembled. Think I finally figured out the proper way to adjust the tightness of the axle. Also on Saturday, I adjusted my pedal crank and fixed my brake cable which was badly frayed. On Sunday, I stripped and scraped spraypaint off my gas tank. Its a plastic two gallon yamaha tank. I started out trying to strip it with brake fluid, but there were so many layers of paint from several bad paint jobs. I barely got through the first layer with a whole bottle of brake fluid. Ended up scraping the rest off. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some new brake pads. Dont think I ever had new pads on this bike, since the handbrake was used when I got it, and I dont think I ever changed the pads. My cruiser came with a hole in the frame for the rear fender, and since I removed the fender, I discovered I was able to add a rear handbrake. I have had the handbrake for almost two years, so I am definitely due for some new pads. New pads should make my brakes rock solid. They arent too bad now, but I also have a foot brake. My next big plan is to upgrade my headlight. Currently using a home modifed bullet headlight that puts out around 6v. I have a 12v spotlight that my wife's brother in law gave me. Gonna get a 12v SLA battery and use the spotlight as a headlight. It shines about as far as a car's headlights. Gonna be a little while till I have the money for an SLA battery and a charger though.

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