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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Silver Bear has jumped through the hoop

Nice to see that new welder in use and a project ready for paint!

For something I have in the works:

I'm not yet sure if I will want to try filling in the pre-drilled holes in the steel angle brackets I am using on my jack-shaft mount so that I can drill at the right place that works for the project.

I thought of tring to find metal brackets without the holes and drill all the holes myself, but it was the weekend and hardware store only has so much.

If there are some tips on how to do this or direction to some online info would be much appreciative. It is around 3/16 inch or less thickness I think for what I have. If it is galvanized, I’m not sure, I have to check. I know that grinding off coating is necessary for good weld.

I have the thin profile gas mask that can fit under the weld hood and got it at the weld shop.

The galvanized metals has zinc in it and I hear that makes a poisonous gas, not that regular steel meant for welding gives off beneficial gas for your health, but this is worse. Stainless steel has chromium that is carcinogenic if breathed and have not welded that, but again I'd use the mask.

I suppose if necessary I could weld and fill in one side part way and then turn over and weld the other side grinding off smooth. As a way to check on some practice stuff for this I could use the angle grinder with cut off wheel and slice through the area I weld filled the hole to get a profile view of what happened inside where otherwise I would not see.

I know if I were to drill through an area that has voids internally then the bit would most likely break. If used with bad weld and drilled and used it would crack when I put bolt through and torque down the nut, so I want to learn methods that help.


Pictures of the brackets attached

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