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Default Re: DIY tank... even if you can't weld

Thankee silver

I dunno if ya knew this, but I didn't get to ride the ol' Rollfast last summer as the engine ate it's lower bearings. As I was up to my eyeballs in crap for the taddy project, I jus' parked it and rode the crusty Schwinn last season (& through the winter ofc). A shame to be sure - but I'd b'damned if I was gonna buy a replacement motor during the spring/summer rush lol, but even w/o the jacked prices the taddy was demanding all of me time & resources anyway heh

Yet I couldn't stand another year not runnin' the comfy cruiser, so I picked up a motor early while the prices were good, figurin' I'd throw it together once the taddy was running... but no sooner than it got here the weather broke (literally methinks) and Maine suddenly started havin' 50, then 60, then even all the way up to high 70 almost 80F temps in March??? o_O

Obviously this was weather not to be missed so I switched gears and rebuilt the Rollfast... I was jus' s'posed to throw the replacement motor in it ofc, but it never quite works that way naturally. As I'd managed around 4000 miles or so on it before I popped the engine, I'd accumulated a lot of lil things I wanted to fix, upgrade or jus' plain change, so I've spent the past week vroomin' around breakin' in the new motor & tearing somethin' else apart, makin' some lil alterations & vroomin' s'more...

It's been a blast, I've really missed riding this bike and now it's better than ever - but the downside is I've had no time left over for the taddy lol - too many projects & not enough fingers aargh >.<

I was gonna take a "finished" pic yesterday, but our fluke weather has finally passed and it's raining, gray & dreary again, so for now jus' this pic w/the new motor (slant) will hafta suffice. All the other changes are pretty minor anyway & stuff you'd prolly not see in a pic in any case - like getting rid of the dual pull brake lever (never liked it), rebuilding the somewhat problematic shiftkit (plate flex fatigue) and a new freewheel bearing, header wrap (wonderful stuff), adding mirrors (finally found some I didn't hate), new tires, chains, shielded plug wire (cosmetic braided housing) & custom made cap (angle w/slant looked wrong), better lookin' pedals with adapters/extensions and all the lil adjustments & tweaks that comes part n'parcel w/such an overhaul;

old motor: & new:

This is still w/o a doubt my fave pic tho... I'm gonna hafta hunt down that ol' roadster again heh;

funny - pretty much the one thing I didn't mess with was the tank lol... well that & the 3sp Sturmey, which continues to serve me faithfully w/o any complaint

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