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Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
The homelite FD looks dandy, MGR!

Sry to hear u took it apart!

Plenty of top notch advice on keeping them running well here on the forum.

looks nice but did not run nice in ANY way. first of all the case was off, the airflow on the cylinder was bad and it overheated constantly. also everything was bolt on. so the slightest bit of looseness made it run like junk.

It was so hard to maintain too, it required hours of tuning for 30 minutes smooth running (went about 25-30 when it ran right).

my throttle cable was bolted to a piece of nylon string. when that snapped so did I and I parted the bike to rebuild another bmx and both my homelites are in a cardboard box out back.

thanks for the comments.
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