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Default Re: Gas Tank Caps, , , , Hmmmmmm

I simply made my own tank, and made my own gas cap. (I love how I worked in the word "simply". I was kidding: there wasn't nuthin' simple about it.) I took a garden hose fitting and matching cap, drilled a rivet hole in the center of the cap and a vent hole about 1/4 inch away. On the inside of the cap I used a 1/16 inch thick piece of Nitril rubber riveted in the middle. It acts as a kind of flapper valve. I also have a Nitril rubber o-ring seated in the inside of the cap so that, when I tighten down the cap, it seats against the fitting. My cap don't leak a drop, but it vents really well and the Nitril I used is just thick and stiff enough that a pressure build-up can push past.

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