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Default Re: Brand new to MB's and need some info..

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
I have a cheap china kit and it runs fine. I don't ride it much since i started to build alternate engine bikes. I have one 31cc ryobi bike that would cost a little over fifty bucks to build. A 33cc chainsaw bike that cost about 75 to build total. a 42cc chainsaw bike that cost about 75 to build.

I ride those mostly because they are more fun. Nonetheless for a first bike you can't beat the china bike. You will learn a heck of a lot bout motors lol.
Wow! Those are incredibly cheap! I would totally be willing to get into the 42cc class for less than $100 bucks! Is there a good starting point for learning how to build one? How fast is that 42cc engine capable of propelling a person. Are these used engine that you find on ebay or something and what brand are they?

Sorry for all the questions but that just sounds awesome!
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