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Default Re: Brand new to MB's and need some info..

Thanks a ton for the replies everybody! But I have just a couple of questions...

Originally Posted by europorsche914 View Post
I have a china engine kit and some parts are definitely cheap junk for example the chain tensioner. That tensioner was the first thing to go. Now i have an idler sprocket as a tensioner. The cables included must be lubricated otherwise you will break that clutch lever in no time. My kit has over 800 miles on it now since August. If you do buy a kit dont by the roller bearing china engines since many have had issues with the bearings being destroyed. Good luck on whatever you decide.
So if I do go with a china engine I should get an after market idler sprocket as a tensioner. Where did you buy your kit and this tensioner from...a link would be awesome! Plus, How do I know if it is a roller bearing engine? What are the different types?

Originally Posted by OSCAR383 View Post
pretty much all the engines are the same in quality . so cheaper the better so you can upgrade the parts that need it ,like the drive chain that comes with it,

and ive seen members post that have got over 2000 miles im sure as long as you dont abuse it you can get more
europorsche seems to think that the roller bearing china engines are low quality, do you disagree with this?

Originally Posted by hill climber View Post
i read somewere that an older guy got 12,000 mile out of his ht. i have a roller bearing engine and it runs fine(with some mods) and a bushing engine that also runs fine.
Sorry, but being a newbie I don't really know what "ht" stands for..could you clarify?

Thanks again for all of your help!
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