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Default Re: help with grubee skyhawk gt5

Do you have an idle speed adjustment screw AND and idle mixture adjustment screw?

If brand new, I wouldn't expect it to idle perfectly, and I would not let one idle for that long, Period! The clutch is not designed for that sort of use, IMO.
U might want a 2nd opinion on that part.

If the idle mixture screw is doing nothing, u probly got an intake leak.
CNS must be pressed firmly onto the intake spigot, as you tighten the clamp.
Over-tightening WILL break things!

Some RTV goop applied to the outside of the carb clamp could help A LOT!

and it's a chinagirl.
There could be a whole raft of other probs contributing to the poor idle!!!
bad gasket, warped manifold, pinholes in castings or welds, internal carb problems, just basic CNS performance!!! the possible probs are nearly endless. lol

But it sounds like u DO have it running...
I would run it around and worry abt the idle capability after getting some miles on it.
... more fun!

Best to read the carb adjustment threads already posted... tons of good info in them.
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