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Default Re: Spark Plug Popped Out!

You might want to use Copper Spray a Gasket (Copper Kote) or aluminum paint on the head gasket. Coat each side and install. Torque to around 120-175 INCH POUNDS.

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
You can re-use the headgasket only once, by flipping it over, so the slight bevel of cylinder surface can re-mash the gasket.

A lot of times the sparkplug threads are a bit shorter than the threaded hole in the head. You might put a longer threaded plug in it if the threads are damaged, but check carefuly for interference with the piston top.
Generally this is the norm. I have used a head gasket more then once. But in doing so I will increase the torque on the head nuts.

I bought one of these about 30 years ago, I needed it for a job I was doing on a small block Chevy. Comes in handy when needed. It won't repair the threads, but cleans them up. I use it during all my builds as the threads may not be as clean as I want.
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