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Hi everyone,
I,m new to motorized bicycles, but far from new to motorized adventure. My first mini bike was a Rupp 2 1/2 hp, its kind of like going full circle! I still own a Harley Sportster, a Honda XL 650 and numerous snowmobiles and items to keep my cylinder count up quite respectable. The high cost of gasoline has driven my search for transportation/adventure to the motorized bicycle hobby. Of course I could do it the easy way with a simple kit but after checking into it it seemed like a one speed motor bike or an expensive multi speed bike could be made. Well, I took a look out in my shed and there was that old French built tandem (bicycle built for 2) I had seasoned it for a dozen years. Yes, the tires were shot, but after oiling the chains, cables and gears I had it shifting and the brakes were still good. Here is my plan and where I'm at so far. I plan on using the rear crank as a jackshaft and having full use of all 10 speeds, the front crank will be removed also. Downside I will be peddal less, but the great news is I shouldn't need them. I realized I would need a 4 stroke, but the 49cc kit sounded boring, so I ordered a predator 99 cc engine and thats about were I'm at right now. I'm hoping a centrifugal clutch w10 teeth to a 60 tooth on the crank will work. What do you think? Thanks

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