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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Tnx Happy!

That's probably the wise option... :-) I was wanting to make long spokes shorter, but I guess I should look for another option.

Wow! 2 - 3 bucks a pair for brake pads!!! Gosh, even I would buy new pads at that kinda price! I'll definitely look at the link u posted.

I was planning on getting some KoolStop salmon colored pads if i got $'s to spend on that kinda stuff. they are abt $8 a pair, but the mtb guys like 'em a lot.

Well, I got a little more done on the Southport today.
the 44T front chainring went by-by for a kiddie bike 36T with really short cranks and actually just a tad wider! bonus!

So the motor will sit real low without modding the frame.
I made this front motor mount to fit the large downtube.
Not really pleased with a few things about it, but it is as low as I could figger building a mount, without drilling the frame, or welding directly on the frame.
I wanted to use a U-bolt from the Ace hardware store, too, so it's available to everyone who might need one.

I had no suitable flat stock, so I used some angle iron from an old bedframe.
NOT wise to use rusty old stock... doesn't make for the best welds!
but it worked well enough.

Alf had mentioned cracked frames, so I designed this mount with a large pad that will spread out the bearing surface. Hopefully there will be no cracking problem!

I also made a saddle which I will weld on the U-bolt, tomorrow.
Then I'll bolt it all up.

The cut down rear motor mount worked fine with 1 shim, and I may have permanently eliminated my chain tensioner. When it does loosen up a bit, I can slip in a larger shim, and re-tighten the from mount. maybe I will need to put some shim stock under the front pad. I'll use a piece of Garlock gasket material that is firm. No rubber mounting type stuff for me!

I like the frame lines of this bicycle, but the overall look is not yet working for me... it needs something! After I get it running I'll fab a lean-back seat post.
OR, I might do a Nashmoto shock seat. Gosh I like his seat!

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My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!

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