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Default Re: Loctite= very bad for some plastics

This is good and if it were to affect the nylon part of the locking nut, there still are threads of metal that are coated with the primer and Loctite. Then a split lockwasher and another nut of the regular kind (like me) so that I have 24 of these stainless steel holding on my imitation of a rag joint made instead of plywood covered resorcinol glue and painted over.

I guess you know that having the two cylinder Harley engine fire 180 degrees apart could help that, but then the sound bubump bubump..... is gone. So having them fire not completely staggered has the rider sometimes staggering looking around for parts that have fallen off.

I have an idea; instead have speakers send out that sound recorded with respect to engine speedand load. It would be all computerized and also have a sound canceling headset inside the helmet you wear. Adjust the cancelation by the amount you desire. If no helmet maybe a sound canceling for the whole bike and the rider, but be sure to have bystanders get the full brunt of the high tech system

Dream I suppose.


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