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Default Re: Opinions on dual start engines?

I am a huge fan of the centrifugal clutch kit for the HTs. All my builds now come with it as standard.

I have lost track of how many I have installed... 35? 40?, but have had zero problems with any of them.

The CC has a sprag in it with allows you to pedal start the engine, pedal and release clutch, engine starts, so clutch handle is still needed. After the engine is started, no need to use the clutch handle at all.

Some certain types of kits come with the cc already installed, they will have no clutch handle, but will have a pull start installed, that is the only way to start those, they have no sprag, and no manual clutch parts at all, they are specifically designed as a pull-start,CC engine.

My suggestion is to get a regular kit with the manual clutch, and buy the centrifugal clutch kit as a separate item.
That way you can start out with the manual clutch and ride it like that for a while, then add the CC and ride it like that for a while, and if you don't like it (probably won't happen, you WILL like it) you can remove it and sell it to me at a discount( only kidding, I know you will like it).
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