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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I got a little done on the Schwinn Southport today.
Not much, but I'm whooped. lol

Took the rag joint apart to replace the broken spoke, so I could true the bent wheel the bike came with... Pulled a spoke out of a spare-parts wheel... too long!
Anybody know what die to use to re-thread a 14g spoke??? lol
So I had to pull a spoke from another wheel that was actually a good one. Oh well.
I REALLY don't like rag joints! They are more difficult to take apart than to assemble in the first place!
Used the crazy mixed up bolts it came with to re-assemble it.
China bolts that are too soft and the nuts get rounded off using a china wrench on 'em.
Gosh! I'll replace 'em all after the chain stretches and the rag settles down into whatever position it likes to be in...
Change. Something you can be assured of.
At least when dealing with a rag joint!

I got the rag joint set up to within .030 on both concentric and lateral runout. That's good!!!
It's just NOT gonna stay that way, though...

I really must try to get a hub that can run an adapter one of our vendors offer.

Took a file to the sprocket teeth a bit... There are scars on it from where it threw a chain for the last builder. I hope to avoid that! lol

Got set up to weld the new front motor mount... I'll do that manana. God willing and the crick don't rise!

Spent some time considering the odd style of center-pull brake taken off one of the 'English bikes'. It's kinda neato...
It's got arms that cross, differently than most caliper brakes!
...I'll post my delerious blathering regarding it over in my brake thread...

Awful nice day here in Kalifornia... I should be out having fun riding! At 1800 it's 70%, sunny w/a few high cirrhus clouds, and 0 wind... and this build is for #2... won't be able to build one for myself until his is running well... Oh well.

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My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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