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Default Re: market for stretch cruiser MB's?

Originally Posted by Spunout View Post
vincent: sweet bike! i've seen that style and it begs to be motored.

i didnt get the 36" tall apehangers. went with the 25" because i was concerned about safety/handling.

is your rear tire 3" wide? i had some problems with a bike that had one. had to use three rubber spacers for sprocket. getting and keeping the sprocket true laterally was a nightmare!

you can bet i'll post pics when its done.
yeah the rear tire is 3x24. On all my builds... including my sisters bike and my girlfriends bike... I've used the livefast clamshell sprocket holder, no worries of sprocket alignment. I try to use them every chance i get. I'm really tempted to get a metal lathe and start making the sprocket holder myself...but that whole 3k dollar purchase is putting a damper on things
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