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Default Re: How do you protect your bike?

How do you protect your bike?

1. Park it in my home shop when home.
2. It is a bike heavy enough that only a pretty strong guy could get into a truck alone.
3. I have a Keylock ignition system that disables the ignition so even if they get away it won't start without a completely new rewired CDI to the Magento.
4. I always leave the clutch engaged.
5. Mine is a Jackshafted 3-speed, and if I think I'll be long I leave it in 3rd which is virtually impossible to even pedal.
6. Ya, I use a cable lock when I deem it necessary like grocery shopping even when I wheel it into the stores entry and park, but overall my trips are usually short and it can be entertaining catching people trying to steal it ;-}
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