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Default Re: Pan Am Bike Tour for My Son and Me

That's true about the bike shops. If you're going to do this, partner up with somebody who has gone on long trips. Two motorized bikes pulling a trailer each is better than one bike pulling two. Try a couple of 50 - 100 mile trips first to break in your motor and work out any bugs. I hope this isn't some bucket list thing for you where time isn't on your side. I'd like to make a long trip my self a year from now when my treatments are over with. With all that being said please go get your drivers license. You tend to have less problems with the law if your bike is a registered and insured vehicle in a state. This way if you cause a wreck then it can be paid for. If my memory serves me correctly you can't pull somebody in a trailer behind you. That's why I said you should consider a two seated trike. Or a very small custom built side car. I've got tail, brake and signal lights on my bike. This is for my own personal safety not because I'm required to have them. I don't want somebody flying around me when I'm slowing down to turn left on a two lane road. I also have seven function speedometer, tachometer/hour counter, horn, three setting head light, kill switch, see through gas tank, mirrors, cable lock, U lock, pump, water bottle, basket and tool bag. I've even gone as far as putting a light on my helmet. I hope this has helped some.

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