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Default Re: Ouch. Sucks for him...

by using the technique known as "suspension of disbelief," i can totally agree with everything this guy says.

i mean, pretending i've never built a bike before, and have very little knowledge of how a bicycle actually works, and going by the assumption that i actually believe what the kit instructions say, his entire condemnation makes sense.

first mistake, doing absolutely no research beforehand.

second mistake, buying a walmart cruiser with the expectations that this is a safe and reliable bike.

third mistake, adding a motor to said bike.

now, this isn't a dig on walmart bikes. i mean, not totally. but if you take a minute to look at the rest of the guy's website, which is full of survivalist paranoia, you can assume that he was hoping to build a reliable means of cheap, undocumented (as in, "under the radar") transportation for use after the zombie apocalypse, WW3, Commie takeover, or (insert doomday scenario here________.)

so why the heck is he buying a bike from such an evil corporate entity such as walmart, and engine from the communist yellow devils?


as a first time builder with no apparent mechanical skills or the ability to use google for information on motorized bikes (odd, coming from a guy with his own website, with chapters titled: "how to build a portable solar power generator" and "A comparison of 5 leading brands of toilet tissue,") i can relate to the problems he had.

a simple 5 minute search would've discovered what the factory idle setting is (which doesn't matter anyway, based on elevation, fuel used, etc...) and every direction booklet i've seen states that these engines were designed for a "diamond frame" bicycle, and that modifications will be required to make it fit a cruiser. like exhaust mods, especially.

after the planet of the apes takeover, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to take your pipe into a muffler shop to have someone else bend it for you. you should be self-sufficient enough to do it yourself in your reinforced underground bunker.

the golden rule for the rapidly approaching "End Times," is ADAPT OR DIE.

and seriously, do you really think you can get away from flesh eating mutants, packs of rabid dogs, radioactive storm clouds, goverment stormtroopers, or hostile aliens on a schwinn point beach cruiser with a two-smoker on it? you'll be easy pickin's when you don't know enough to get the thing started in one or two pedals, and when you finally do, your chain tensioner gets stuck in your spokes...

if you really want a well-suited vehicle for the forbidden zone, steal an armored truck.
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