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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

All three of my bikes top out at 38-40 mph, whats funny is that my fastest bike has a 24'' rear wheel, a 32T sprocket and ZERO mods to the older 6mm head studded engine, only rejetted the carb and changed spark plug and plug boot, nothing else done to this engine, my other two with 36T driven and 34T driven sprockets will out pull it on the hills because they have shaved heads, billet intakes, ports matched, ect but they wont out do the little engine on flat ground under good conditions.

when I'm on the road between home and town I cruise at 32-35 mph for about 8-10 miles then I just run with traffic when I hit town up to around 40 mph when I can, I weight just over 200 lbs and with basic brakes I can stop as fast as I have ever needed to.

Peace, map
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